To ease an access to the VASCO software for Universities, MABEX launched today special promotion for Academic Customers. Within "2002 on 2002", MABEX offers VASCO VHDL or VASCO Verilog software for 2.002 USD for unlimited number of copies within next 12 consecutive months.
Also, all customers are equipped with new releases and updates free of charge within the 12 months period.


VASCO package includes highly interactive tutorial on RTL VHDL and library of over 770 fully synthesisable VHDL&Verilog models, ready for cut&paste, with comments about synthesis and pictures of circuits after synthesis.

RTL VHDL VASCO includes:

interactive tutorial on RTL VHDL designs, synthesis and FPGA\ASIC issues,
       and 150 VHDL examples,
VHDL CookBook - library of 350+ fully synthesisable VHDL models, and
RTL VHDL Reference Guide with examples.

VASCO VHDL is compliant with the latest 1076.6 RTL standard from IEEE.

RTL Verilog VASCO includes:

Verilog CookBook - library of 420+ fully synthesisable Verilog models, and
RTL Verilog Reference Guide with examples.